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"I wish to thank the Dealflow Investment Network for their splendid service on listing our project summary. Our entire fund raise was achieved within 5-months from China. Long flight, but well worth it. I am happy to give a recommendation."
James E. Mack

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Investment needed to run Education Business
I require between $35K-$50K to establish my education business. I've customers ready to sign up and pay once everything is ready. I need this investment for 6 months only. I'm ready to pay 5%-6% per month on the investment/loan.
  Required Amount $50,000
  Minimum Investment $35,000
  Region Central New York
  Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
  Investor Role Silent

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Invitation to be a bridge financier inside a group redeveloping contaminated properties
A combined large fund, developer with tech seeks a reoccurring short-term financier for inbound projects prior to the fund draw.
  Required Amount $500,000
  Minimum Investment $250,000
  Region New Jersey
  Stage Achieving Sales
  Investor Role Any

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Buying into an online Sports betting business in New York State!!! (Short Term Deal)
I'm seeking to get a computer based, work from home business handling sports betting operations in New York State.
  Required Amount $5,000
  Minimum Investment $5,000
  Region Southern Lakes
  Stage Achieving Sales
  Investor Role Silent

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Looking for an investment for opening HEAD SPA in NYC
I have a great idea of launching luxury head spa in nyc. There are Chinese head spa in Queens and it’s going viral now on TikTok. However it’s a cheap version and not luxury. I believe it can be A GREAT idea to develop a cool project in Manhattan.
  Required Amount $100,000
  Minimum Investment $100,000
  Region Central New York
  Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
  Investor Role Hands-On

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Brand New Hotel Construction Tampa Florida
Construction and operation of a brand new concept hotel in Tampa Florida as a franchise of a larger corporation planning several additional franchised hotels in the U.S.
  Required Amount $100,000,000
  Minimum Investment $100,000,000
  Region Out-of-State
  Stage Other
  Investor Role Silent

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Funding a Gaming Revolution
We aim to redefine the gaming landscape, by creating a platform where players can monetize their gaming Skills, bridging the gap between entertainment and financial opportunities.
  Required Amount $37,500
  Minimum Investment $12,500
  Region Outside USA
  Stage Pre-Startup/R&D
  Investor Role Advisory

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Seeking a $10 million equity investment.
We are seeking for $10 million equity infusion, to accompany the $15 million senior debt commitment from a bank.
  Required Amount $10,000,000
  Minimum Investment $5,000,000
  Region Pennsylvania
  Stage Profitable
  Investor Role Any

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